Hybrid Transmission: Festival Ars Electronica 2005

TJGG (AUT) /// 
And­re Zogho­ly (AUT) /// 
I:GOR (POL) /// 
Door­mou­se (USA) /// 
Jason For­rest aka Don­na Sum­mer (USA) /// 
dev/null (USA) ///

Tue, Sep­tem­ber 6 2005, 19:00 /// 
Fluss­gas­sen­tun­nel Urfahr, Linz ///

The qujOchÖ artists’ collec­tive, based in Linz, offers a hybrid con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on on three pla­teaus round about the Ars Elec­tro­ni­ca Cen­ter. Six live per­for­man­ces dove­tail with an archi­tec­tu­ral inter­ven­ti­on, visua­li­za­ti­ons and a sound instal­la­ti­on by qujOchÖ.

19:00 TJGG (AT)
Sound­s­capes in manic body­mu­sic style gene­ra­te a wild mix­tu­re of ambi­ent envi­ron­men­tal sty­lings and pure noi­se.

19:30 And­re Zogho­ly (AT)
Final­ly, your search for the deepest, most pim­ped-out, block­bus­ter bass sound is over! Pre­sen­ting: the V8 boom­box.

20:00 I:GOR (PL)
I:GOR aka Igor Wyl­kon­ski is solid­ly ent­ren­ched in the star­ting lin­eup of the Kiel­ce Ter­ror Squad and a pro­du­cer of expe­ri­men­tal hard‑, break- and speed­core to suit even the most discri­mi­na­ting tas­tes.

21:00 Door­mou­se (US)
Jazz, noi­se, coun­try, break­core, jung­le and trash – Door­mou­se mixes in anything he mana­ges to get his litt­le hands on. No sounds are safe from this orgy of sam­ples and twisted beats.

22:00 Jason For­rest aka Don­na Sum­mer (US)
Get rea­dy for a real rol­ler-coas­ter ride through ’70s Dis­co and Sta­di­um Rock: tor­so-cas­ca­des of prog‑, hard‑, soft‑, punk- and blues-rock gush sounds and sam­ples that rain down around your ears. Shamel­ess­ly Exci­ting Par­ty!

23:00 dev/null (US)
Sym­pho­nic set decor meets hyper-syn­ap­tic elec­tro­nic cuts that have been over­laid and nested so many times ever­yo­ne invol­ved has lost count.Weird break­speed­core from Bos­ton.

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Artists pre­sent their instal­la­ti­ons in the Ars Elec­tro­ni­ca Cen­ter and per­form.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)

(Came­ra: Tai­fe Akca, Edi­t­ing: Ingo Ran­dolf)

(Came­ra: Tai­fe Akca, Edi­t­ing: Ingo Ran­dolf)