Sat, April 9 2016, 15:00 — 22:00  /// 
Well­nes­soase Hum­mel­hof, Ram­sauer­straße 12, Linz ///

[H:UMMMM] exam­ines, elab­o­rates and process­es the func­tion­al­i­ty of sounds in mod­ern spa/wellness zones in man­i­fold ways. Inter­re­la­tions between sound and social, med­ical, archi­tec­ton­ic and artis­tic con­texts will be inves­ti­gat­ed, dis­cussed and ana­lyzed. These con­texts will be exam­ined in rela­tion to sound stud­ies and Michel Foucault’s con­cept of Human Geography.

With [H:UMMMM] qujOchÖ explores the ties and liaisons of artis­tic and aca­d­e­m­ic approach­es in a site-spe­cif­ic spa-cen­ter het­ero­topia in Linz, Aus­tria. This will take place on April 9th, 2016. By exchang­ing all audio sources of the bath, expe­ri­enc­ing per­for­mances, instal­la­tions and lec­tures the spa area of the well­ness oasis Hum­mel­hof is con­vert­ed into an audi­to­ry spa/wellness het­ero­topia of a dif­fer­ent kind.

Lec­tures by:
Karin Har­rass­er (AUT)
Thomas Macho (AUT)
David Toop (UK)

Con­certs by:
Fen­nesz (AUT)
Abby Lee Tee (AUT)

Instal­la­tions by:
Richard Eign­er (AUT): Denoising
Fax­en (AUT): In this momen­tary aware­ness I tried to tell myself …
Sun Obwegeser (AUT): IGLOOP — just fad­ing out
Ingo Ran­dolf (AUT): Muzak Architectures
Julia Tazre­it­er (AUT): Kabel im Regen
Clemens Baud­er, Andreas Reichl, Andre Zogholy (AUT): with­out boats, dreams dry up
Clemens Baud­er, Davide Bevilac­qua, Andre Zogholy (AUT/IT): Atlas of Waves
Clemens Baud­er, Andreas Reichl, Andre Zogholy (AUT): I am swim­ming in a pool

Audio feeds by:
Abby Lee Tee (AUT)
Oren Ambarchi (AUS)
Sam Auinger (AUT)
Clemens Baud­er & Ilpo Väisä­nen (AUT/FIN)
Jeff Bridges (USA)
Tan­ja Brügge­mann-Stepi­en (AUT)
Antho­ny Child (UK)
deepseafishK (JUUN, Katha­ri­na Kle­ment, Manon Liu Win­ter) (AUT)
Richard Eign­er (AUT)
Chris­t­ian Fen­nesz (AUT)
Wolf­gang Fuchs (AUT)
Andreas Kurz (DE)
Lena Lebl­hu­ber (AUT)
Mimu Merz (AUT)
Christi­na Nemec (AUT)
Sarah Lip­state (USA)
Julien Ottavi (FR)
Bil­ly Roisz (AUT)
David Toop (UK)
We Will Fail (PL)

[H:UMMMM] is a project by qujOchÖ, orga­nized with a big help from a lot of friends. (Pho­tos: Gre­gor Graf)


(Video: LasGafas)

Spon­sors and partners:


Linz AG Bäder / mglass / Wit­tib­schlager GmbH / Schall & Rauch / Flow­ery Field / Freistädter Bier / Gen­tle Tent / Speed­boot­fahren