Homeland battle: Upper Austria challenges Carinthia – Carinthia challenges Upper Austria

Cor­re­spon­dence with and fun­ding app­li­ca­ti­on for the Office of the Carin­thi­an government, the initia­ti­ve “Kind und Volks­kul­tur” (child and folk­lo­re), Aus­tri­an Federal Chan­cel­le­ry II/6 “Bila­te­ral and mul­ti­la­te­ral cul­tu­ral for­eign affairs” and Jörg Hai­der as the pre­si­dent of the Carin­thi­an Hei­mat­werk

March 2003

We, such a young, inno­va­ti­ve and dyna­mic cul­tu­re club from the north of our beau­ti­ful nati­ve coun­try Aus­tria, were very exci­ted about the initia­ti­ve in Carin­thia about the sub­ject “child and popu­lar cul­tu­re”. Well, the apple never falls far from the tree and only the ear­ly bird cat­ches the worm! Our topic of the year is “birds of a fea­ther flock tog­e­ther”. That’s why we were imme­dia­te­ly thin­king about a coope­ra­ti­on, from initia­ti­ve to initia­ti­ve.

Well, the Upper Aus­tri­ans are more allied with their nati­ve coun­ry than Carin­thi­ans – the best pro­of is the Upper Aus­tri­an hymn which con­tains in his tit­le “Hoam­at­land, Hoam­at­land!” (“Home­land, home­land!”) two times more the word “home” and even in dialect than the Carin­thi­an hymn “Des Kärnt­ners Hei­mat­lied” (“The song about the home­land of the Carin­thi­an”). And alrea­dy the first three ver­ses con­tains the word “home” five times, howe­ver in the Carin­thi­an one it takes five ver­ses for that. That’s why we, the Upper Aus­tri­ans, want to meet the Carin­thi­ans some­whe­re in the midd­le, may­be in Sty­ria, to chal­len­ge them to a batt­le to show them our folk­lo­rist powers. It is up to ever­y­bo­dy to choo­se their wea­pons, only con­di­ti­on: they have to con­firm to the tra­di­ti­on of the coun­try. That means that we, Upper Aus­tri­ans, have to con­quer the battle­field e.g. with flails . The Carin­thi­ans could may­be use their popu­lism cud­gels. Child­ren are invi­ted to fight, of cour­se, the­se are inde­ed the rea­sons.

If the Carin­thi­ans are not able to mobi­li­ze their folk, they can also send their head of pro­vin­ci­al government against our omni­p­re­sent head of pro­vin­ci­al government, even ours is not so pret­ty than their. We sug­gest for the games that both should try as tri­cky as pos­si­ble to bla­me the other one for the fail­u­res by the government of Aus­tria during the last years. As long as one of them will burst into thousand pie­ces becau­se of need­ling like hell.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)