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Mel­ted Men (USA) /// 

Sat, May 1 2010, 21:00 /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

Mel­ted Men! The mad per­for­mance group from the USA, the Nether­lands and Fran­ce casts its ten­ta­cle arms again. Mel­ted Men tru­ly are the gods among the per­for­mance groups world­wi­de. Whilst they spin around on stilts in rab­bit cos­tu­mes and with 40 ciga­ret­tes in their mouth, teach the audi­ence arbi­tra­ry hops­cotch ritu­als with bam­boo sticks and eat the hands, ears and noses of fun­ny loo­king voo­doo pup­pets made out of car­rots, they tell sto­ries about Fran­cois Mit­te­rand who sits in a Ger­man pineapp­le and ear­ned a plum­ber diplo­ma for some rea­son to build a pipe­line bet­ween Bre­men and Flo­ri­da. All of the above, com­bi­ned with musi­cal ingre­dients like mini­mal drums, cra­zy squeak-elec­tro­nic, gro­aning, moaning and quacking, car horns or jin­gles lea­ves the audi­ence every sin­gle con­cert pen­ding bet­ween men­tal break­downs and enthu­si­astic orgasms.

Once in an inter­view Mel­ted Men gave the fol­lo­wing ans­wer on the ques­ti­on how their music is crea­ted: “Take a pola­ro­id of Mel­ted Men and sli­ce it quick­ly to expo­se the che­mi­cals. Than cover the streets with cloths and put the che­mi­cals on the hoofs of a goat. Let this goat run whe­re­ver it wants and burn the cloths after­wards. Take the ash and put it back into the pola­ro­id. At least you take a pic­tu­re of anything. That’s how things deve­lop.”

With their brand new 12″ vinyl LP “Teeth and Gums” (Pink Vinyl Records) on tour in Euro­pe in May!


(Pho­tos: Jakob Diet­rich)

(Video: qujOchÖ)