Grenzen in der Krise

In the online years 2020/21, with the for­mat GRENZEN IN DER KRISE (BORDERS IN CRISIS), we began to deal with the joys and sor­rows of vir­tu­al meet­ings and to ques­tion them artis­ti­cal­ly. In already obso­lete and often just for­got­ten dig­i­tal plat­forms, like ICQ, or MySpace, we met per­for­ma­tive­ly vir­tu­al­ly, try­ing to get agen­da items through via recipe forums or the pop music com­mu­ni­ty, for example.

The last vir­tu­al meet­ing took place (for­tu­nate­ly) in Jan­u­ary ’22 in the play­ground Whyville.