Round table on the equi­va­len­ces of Graz 2003 and Linz 2009 ///

Fri, May 26 2006, 20:00 /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

On May 26th qujOchÖ invi­tes artists and cul­tu­ral activists from Graz and Linz to a round table on the topic “Graz03/Linz09”. The fol­lo­wing ques­ti­ons will be dis­cus­sed: Which expe­ri­en­ces have been gai­ned during the European Capi­tal of Cul­tu­ral year 2003 in Graz? What did not work out well? Whe­re have been the hot spots the two years befo­re 2003? What is the situa­ti­on of the auto­no­mous art sce­ne in Graz nowa­days? What have been the con­se­quen­ces? How sustainab­le has been Graz 2003 for the city?

Invi­ted are:

• Gud­run Wal­len­böck (Linz 2009 and Graz 2003, pro­ject mana­ger)
• Eva Ursprung (inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry artist, pro­ject woment!)
• Mar­ga­re­the Mako­vec (rotor – bal­kan kon­su­lat)
• Klaus Schre­fler (Visu­al Media Artist)

The auto­no­mous art sce­ne of Linz is rep­re­sen­ted by Stadt­werk­statt, Kul­tur­ver­ein Kapu, KUPF – Kul­tur­platt­form , Time’s Up and Soci­al Impact.