Glossy Punk

Cher­ry Sun­kist (AUT) /// 
Yas­min Gate (ARG/GER) /// 

Fri, July 24 2015, 20:30 (sharp!) /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

Note: Due to recent­ly increa­sed com­p­laints from neigh­bours the con­cert starts at around 20:30. Free ent­ry.

The punk is glos­sy like fra­gi­le glas­sy nail polish remo­ver. One evening, two musi­ci­ans, a lot of pres­su­re. At first Cher­ry Sun­kist with her tri­cky and queer elec­tro­nic beats, mani­fold frag­men­ted, decom­po­sed with the finest gui­tar noi­se and a voice which sounds like from ano­t­her uni­ver­se. After­wards Yas­min Gate, for­mer mem­ber of the Spa­nish duo “Dir­ty Princess” which cau­sed a furor in the mid 2000s with their pro­vo­king sexua­li­zed per­for­man­ces and musi­cvi­de­os, now ele­tro­clash queen with a rough mix­tu­re of club­by­ist beats and a Fuck-You-atti­tu­de. She is back with a stun­ning new album cal­led “Doll­house” which she will pre­sent live on sta­ge. The nine-track out­put, pro­du­ced by her fel­low part­ners Dua­les­que, was recor­ded in Ber­lin and shows her pop side in elec­tro­nic music com­bi­ned with inky was­hes of Trap and Hip Hop blips. Her new Sin­gle and Video “Push” was out the May 22 2015 through Kil­lerrr Records, fol­lo­wed by the album “Doll­house” the 29 May 2015.

Selbst­dar­stel­lung und Insze­nie­rung machen Cher­ry Sun­kist zu einem der inter­es­san­tes­ten musi­ka­li­schen Acts Öster­reichs, der noch dazu mit unver­wech­sel­ba­rem Sound daher­kommt – im DIY-Ver­fah­ren pro­du­ziert, erar­bei­tet im Heim­stu­dio mit Hang zum Zufalls­ex­pe­ri­ment, besit­zen die Songs star­ken Wie­der­erken­nungs­wert.” (The Gap 2011)

Yas­min Gate is a per­for­mance artist, dj and voca­list hai­ling from Bue­nos Aires, Argen­ti­na, now based in Ber­lin. She first beca­me well known with her Dir­ty Princess pro­ject that was part of the Inter­na­tio­nal Deejay Gigo­lo Records ros­ter […] In 2011 she released her debut album ‘YG The Album’ on Space Fac­to­ry, fea­turing artists such as DJ Hell, T.Raumschmiere, Dou­glas McCar­thy (Nit­zer Ebb). […] strai­ght for­ward elec­tro-tech­no-pop track, that gets stuck in your head.” (Local Sui­ci­de 2014)


(Pho­tos: Rapha­lea Dan­ner)

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