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Ako­as­ma (AUT) /// 
Jade (AUT) /// 
GNU (AUT) /// 
xxe­ro (AUT) /// 
Kri­se (AUT) ///

Wed, Decem­ber 18 2002, 20:00 /// 
Läu­fer (Uni­ver­si­ty of Art Linz), Haupt­platz 8, Linz ///

in coope­ra­ti­on with ÖH at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Arts Linz


date of birth: 28th of july 1970, linz
1989 – 1998 stu­dies of phi­lo­so­phy, histo­ry, media stu­dies, sci­ence of film and thea­t­re
1991 edi­to­ri­al co-working at ö3-musi­c­box
1991 edi­to­ri­al co-working at the film-maga­zi­ne “akti­on film“ ‘ sin­ce
1995 super­8/­dia-instal­la­ti­ons at dif­fe­rent events in flex, B.A.C.H., WUK
1995/96 pro­ject jaden­gas­se (elec­tro­nic live con­certs, short exhi­bi­ti­ons, film pro­jec­tions, …)
1996 co-working at the saving club ‘die unzer­trenn­li­chen’
1996 pro­ject of exhi­bi­ti­on with ami­na hand­ke, harald mayr, oli­ver hangl, andrea ger­ge­ly
1997 dealing with video (vide­os for radi­an, chris­ti­an fen­nesz, pure, gene­ral magic …)
sin­ce 1998 club jade@rhiz (dj, orga­ni­za­ti­on of live acts, visu­als)
sin­ce 2000 video-live per­for­man­ces, inter­na­tio­nal fes­ti­val-appearan­ces (dis­tri­bu­ti­on: six­pack­film)

1997 orches­ter 33 1/3 – in coope­ra­ti­on with ste­fan nemeth (radi­an)
2000 r4
2000 tran­sis­tor
2001 sZ
2001 grain­bits
2002 take the bus
2002 the future of human con­tain­ment
2002 JET


born 1967. lives and works in vien­na. pas­si­on for comix, ani­ma­ti­on films, expe­ri­men­tal film, sound, per­for­mance. deals with copy-art, illus­tra­ti­on, pho­to­gra­phy, per­for­mance, video & sound. mem­ber of efzeg
gigs with ®, take­shi fumi­mo­to, didi bruck­may­er & enno­son, sachi­ko m., dieb13, chris­tof kurz­mann, mar­tin sie­wert, toshi­ma­ru naka­mu­ra, boris hauf, michae­la grill, hel­ge hin­ter­eg­ger, radu mal­fat­ti, wer­ner dafel­de­cker, oli­ver stotz, ako, …
video instal­la­ti­ons at transmitterfestival/hohenems 1999 and at music unli­mi­ted 2000/wels (tog­e­ther with cari­na wöl­f­ler), int. fil­m/­mu­si­c/­mul­ti­me­dia-fes­ti­vals

acoustic hal­lu­ci­na­ti­on, per­cei­ved noi­ses like white noi­se, rever­be­ra­ting etc.
lives in vien­na, gra­phic desi­gner, dj, orga­ni­zer musi­ci­an (gigs, among others, at zeit­fluß, salz­burg and unli­mi­ted wels)


born: 1969, salzburg/since 1990 in linz
stu­dies: visu­al media-art uni­ver­si­ty of arts linz.
sin­ce 1997 free­lan­cer in visu­al media-art. Spe­cial inte­rest in net-based activism and audio-visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on as device to spread non-com­mer­ci­al pro­pa­gan­da in bet­ween arts and poli­tics.
Sin­ce 2001 deals with the sub­ject woman/machine,
rootz: www.basicray.orgwww.prairie.at

KRISE (Kris­ti­na Hofer):

born: 1979
stu­dies sin­ce 1998: uni linz; socio­lo­gy main inte­rest gen­der stu­dies
music sin­ce 1994: at the begin­ning main­ly punk, later mehr noi­se, bass+git+screaming and shou­ting.
actu­al band: sen­su­al love



(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)