dieb 13 (AUT) /// 
Wolf­gang Fuchs (AUT) /// 
Cher­ry Sunkist (AUT) /// 
Horace (AUT) ///

Thu, August 14 2008, 19:00 /// 
Lentos Kun­st­mu­se­um Linz und quitch, Linz ///

The exhi­bi­tion “Leben im Strafraum” comes to an end. So what could be more log­i­cal than to start the scratch­ing machine “Turntable Soc­cer” with its 16 vinyls for a per­for­mance? Attend­ing as guests are the turntable mas­ter Dieb13 and Wolf­gang Fuchs which sound out “Turntable Soc­cer” as an exper­i­men­tal field, both solo and as a duet, and there­by define the Euro­dance­floor. The per­for­mances take place in the Lentos, fol­lowed by DJ-Sets from Karin Fisslthaler (Cher­ry Sunkist) and Bernd Oppl (Horace) at the quitch.

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(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)