Ethereally Freckled Crispy Sphere(s)

Sur­ma (POR) ///

Shin­se­kai (AUT/VNM) ///

Sat, Sep 29 2018, 20:30 ///
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

SURMA is a solo-mul­ti-instru­men­ta­list, taking you to a mind-ope­ning jour­ney through loo­ped sonic envi­ron­ments. A uni­que mix of a child-like voice, ambi­ent music and post-rock to jazz-influ­en­ces like shim­me­ring gui­tar lines crea­tes ver­sa­ti­le 10-track sound­s­capes and synth and sam­ple lul­la­bies. Com­ing from a „wild, young and free“ town in Por­tu­gal and after stu­dy­ing in jazz school Sur­ma explo­res con­cepts of a cos­mic psy­che and glo­bal pri­mor­di­al con­scious­ness. She is tou­ring south-cen­tral Euro­pe and fur­ther pre­sen­ting her debut album „Ant­wer­pen“ (Omni­chord Records).
SHINSEKAI (新世界, “New World”) is a trans­hu­man pro­ject that inves­ti­ga­tes radi­cal pos­si­bi­li­ties in music by mani­pu­la­ting digi­tal tracks. By play­ing and mixing con­tras­ting gen­res on the dark side of elec­tro­nic dance music, they break the cons­traints of gen­re, tas­te and soci­al dif­fe­rence. Ali­en tim­bres, dis­tor­ted vocals and bro­ken club ori­en­ted rhythms defi­ne a kalei­do­scopic glim­p­se of musi­cal futures. Linz-based with Viet­na­me­se roots.