The Illu­sion of End­ing Things

Melt­ing polar caps TV in the cli­mate casi­no; a foil tun­nel maze with no exit;
Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence mon­ey show­ers; the cheese cura­tor did­n’t arrange the exhib­it in the refrig­er­a­tor chronologically.…

Wel­come to EPIC ESCXPE, a series of episod­ic events that artis­ti­cal­ly car­i­ca­tures the infi­nite con­fu­sion of the big ques­tions of our 2020s reality.
Indi­vid­ual sequen­tial events and teas­er present vehi­cles of mul­ti­di­men­sion­al crises in assem­blage-like settings.
Episode 2 of Sea­son 2 will “air” exclu­sive­ly online, with a third sea­son to follow!

The indi­vid­ual episodes are brought togeth­er in a bril­liant sea­son finale to form a par­cour of var­i­ous puz­zle stations:
Escape-room-meets-all-crises-in-this-world, whether the tele­phone jok­er will pro­vide the deci­sive clue…?
And what is a MacGuffin…?

The Apoc­a­lypse.
A greedy yoghurt glowing
beyond the deep sea.