Group exhi­bi­tion “VIDEO LANDSCHAFT” ///

Thu, April 26 — Fri, June 1 2007 /// 
MAERZ, Eisen­bah­n­gasse 20, Linz ///

Using the panora­ma pho­tographs from the glo­be­trot­ter Bur­ton Holmes (1870 — 1958) as a start­ing point the AV-instal­la­tion “End­lessTrav­el­ogue” tries to pic­ture his jour­neys and make them come alive. An end­less seem­ing panora­ma which seam­less­ly con­nects coun­tries and con­ti­nents does not let the recip­i­ents dis­cov­er the doc­u­men­tary moment but more the molar per­cep­tions. End­lessTrav­el­ogue wants to “… pass the finite to find the end­less again and give it back” (Deleuze/Guattari 1991). There­fore a decod­ing of streams, an approach between obser­va­tion, asso­ci­a­tion and (re-)invetion is being created.