Ice desert: An absurd Winter’s tale at the ice rink Linz

Pan Sonic (FIN) /// 
Cher­ry Sun­kist (AUT) ///

Fri, Febru­a­ry 18 2005, 20:00 /// 
Ice rink Linz ///

Bit­ing cold. Ice under the bla­des. End­less feed­back-loo­ps. Spar­k­ling crys­tals are buz­zing around. Sounds are floa­ting through the space and mee­ting ice-ska­ting bodies. Peop­le are being run off the cour­se. On Febru­a­ry the 5th 2005 the art and cul­tu­re collec­ti­ve qujOchÖ invi­tes to a spe­cial expe­ri­ment in the indoor ice-rink of Linz. In a deco­n­struc­ti­ve ver­si­on of a clas­si­cal win­ter-fai­ry­ta­le “Holi­day on Ice” is fin­ding his true desti­ny. Tog­e­ther with the Fin­nish elec­tro­nic-noi­se-duo PAN SONIC qujOchÖ sta­ges an ice-dis­co, which is a uni­que expe­di­ti­on in an absurd world. Using mini­ma­list beats and self-built syn­the­si­zers, oscil­la­tors, gene­ra­tors and trans­for­mers PAN SONIC crea­tes their sound­s­capes from sub­so­nar sine waves and high-fre­quen­cy noi­se and lead the idea of Elec­tro­nic Body Music to their ori­gi­nal pur­po­se.

Ano­t­her high­light of this evening is Karin Fiss­ltha­ler with her solo pro­ject CHERRY SUNKIST. The play­ful use of syn­the­si­zers, drum machi­nes, gui­tar and voice CHERRY SUNKIST explo­res on enchan­ting natu­re of the inter­faces of pop and expe­ri­ment. Cher­ry Sun­kist is the Queen of the fro­zen desert.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)

(Came­ra: Tai­fe Akca, Edi­t­ing: Ingo Ran­dolf)

(Came­ra: Tai­fe Akca, Edi­t­ing: Ingo Ran­dolf)