Dobuschido — The Movie: Crossing Europe Filmfestival 2009

Pre­miere: Cross­ing Europe Film­fes­ti­val 2009 /// 
Wed, April 22 2009, 16:00, Moviemen­to 2 /// 
Fri, April 24 2009, 20:00, KAPU ///

Screen­ings at Moviemen­to Linz: 
Mon, April 27 — Thu, April 30 2009, 19:30 /// 
Sat, May 1 and Sun, May 2 2009, 22:30 /// 
Sat, May 8 and Sun, May 9 2009, 22:30 ///

You know Bam­bi and you think that since this movie noth­ing com­pa­ra­ble has seen the world? Well, the wait­ing is done, a new era of full-length ani­ma­tion-films start­ed, direct­ly straight out­ta Elec­tro Ghet­to Linz, Steel City, hard as steel. Agro Linz presents a sto­ry packed with sub­cul­ture, with gangs­ta rap, with pol­i­tics, with emo­tions and tears, tricky, dodgy and shake­spear­esque. Thus it came to pass in July 2005, the turnta­bles local pol­i­tics, from Europe, actu­al­ly from all over the world, seem to run out of con­trol. In the bat­tle for street cred­i­bil­i­ty, it is an odyssey, a wild jour­ney, a roller-coast­er ride, a jump from the cliff, a walk across hot coals, a ride on the wild hors­es, a high­wire fly­ing under pow­er for our Dobuschido.

DOBUSCHIDO is a true killer pro­duc­tion with actors like the poet from the under­ground, bankers, rap­pers, cul­tur­al affairs-direc­tors, gay Nazis, cul­tur­al city-direc­tor, Fidel Cas­tro, Bruno Kreisky, Lui­gi, Rik and many more, from a screen­play as it Thomas Pyn­chon couldn’t write bet­ter, a mat­ted net­work with at least — at least real­ly — thou­sand plateaus.

(Direction/Production: qujOchÖ, Edit­ing: Ingo Randolf)

(Pho­tos: Cross­ing Europe)