The odd island

A dro­mo­lo­gi­cal bal­let for five tuning cars

Tue, July 12 2011, 20:15 /// 
Round about Mul­den­stra­ße, Linz ///

In the con­text of DÉJÀ-VU, the fol­low up pro­ject of BELLEVUE (Linz09), qujOchÖ pres­ents a per­for­mance of excep­tio­nal kind. Due to the local and acoustic con­di­ti­ons of the traf­fic island in the midd­le of the round­about an ide­al sur­round set­ting is offe­red for the audi­ence. Five mas­si­ve sound-sys­tems in pim­ped cars as well as the sur­roun­ding sound spen­der are used. This leads to a com­ple­te compression/decompression of space, time, noi­se and also results in silence. The con­stant move­ment of the sound sources add to the spe­cial con­cert situa­ti­on atmo­s­phe­re.

(Pho­tos: eSel & qujOchÖ)