Deuce: tennis_court_experiment

Con­ny Kraus (AUT) /// 
Berthold Zettelmeier (AUT) /// 
Judith Unter­per­tinger (AUT) /// 
Martha Bre­it (AUT) /// 
ddkern (AUT) /// 
SiRenée (AUT) /// 
Gerd Traut­ner & Tim Boykett (AUT) ///

Fri, May 23 2003, 20:00 /// 
LIVA ten­nis cen­tre Froschberg, Linz ///

Deuce. Tie. On May 23 2003, four ten­nis play­ers, six musi­cians, an instal­la­tion and the audi­to­ri­um are meet­ing at the LIVA ten­nis cen­tre on Froschberg/Linz. Goal: a joint exper­i­ment to link between sport, art and technology.

Three fields at the ten­nis cen­tre are used. On the out­side courts are play­ing pro­fes­sion­al play­ers, the court in the mid­dle is divid­ed: on one hand are musi­cians exper­i­ment­ing with impro­vi­sa­tions. On the oppo­site is the court of the audi­to­ri­um which again is divid­ed into 10 fields, each of this field is asso­ci­at­ed with an occa­sion. Field 1: groan­ing of the ten­nis play­er num­ber 1, field 2: Cel­lo bru­tal by Judith Unter­pretinger (arton­al records), field 3: drums by ddkern (Fuck­head, Bul­bul, Wipe­out, …), …, field 9: con­certi­na-squeez­ing by Berthold Zettelmeier (Die Pest, Rex Roy­al & seine Rota­toren, …), field 10: groan­ing of the ten­nis play­er num­ber 4.

The audi­to­ri­um is becom­ing an active per­cip­i­ent dur­ing the ten­nis play. By move­ments it affects the cor­re­spond­ing occa­sion: the more inten­sive one moves, the stronger is the influ­ence. If the audi­to­ri­um e.g. prefers to jump on the vio­lin play­ing by Martha Bre­it or to tram­ple on the vocal per­for­mance by SiRenée, the sound of the vio­lin or the voice is get­ting loud­er or more dis­tort­ed. Inten­sive exer­cis­es on field 1 are strength­en­ing and dis­tort­ing the groan­ing of ten­nis play­er num­ber 1.

Result: an equal con­cert sit­u­a­tion between ten­nis play­ers, musi­cians and the audi­to­ri­um. Or a huge cacophony.

Advan­tage qujOchÖ.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)

(Camera/Editing: qujOchÖ)

(Camera/Editing: qujOchÖ)