Imperium qujOchÖum: The Empire gets in contact

After the peri­ods of foun­ding, cross­lin­king and iden­ti­fy­ing the Impe­ri­um qujOchÖum got in con­tact with its “natu­ral part­ners” in the poli­ti­cal-eco­no­mic com­plex.

The list in Aus­tria, Ger­ma­ny and Switz­er­land reads like the Who is Who of fraud: Alfons Mens­dorff-Pouil­ly, Karl-Heinz Gras­ser, Uwe Scheuch und Harald Dober­nig, Ernst Stras­ser, Peter Hoch­eg­ger, Wal­ter Meisch­ber­ger, Ernst Karl Plech, Cars­ten Maschmey­er, Klaus Zum­win­kel, Made­lei­ne Schi­cke­danz, Micha­el Per­ler und Chris­ti­an Bau­mann (the majo­ri­ty of them are poli­ti­ci­ans and/or entrepe­neurs).

The­se natu­ral part­ners recei­ved 9,90 Euro on their bank accounts and a let­ter, which refer­red back to a long-time ago con­ver­sa­ti­on about a sen­seless idea of invest­ment. You won’t belie­ve the reac­tions.

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)