Bricklebrit @ Wunderkammer Oberösterreich: El Dorado (ob der Enns)

Fr, 13 Decem­ber 2019, 6 p.m.
OK im Kul­tur­quar­tier
OK-Platz 1, Linz
Dura­ti­on of exhi­bi­ti­on: 14 Decem­ber 2019 – 28 March 2020

Once, accord­ing to legend, Upper Aus­tria was an El Dora­do, a land of incredi­ble wealth, ruled by women with legen­da­ry powers. Over the cen­tu­ries, howe­ver, the secret women’s uni­ons were for­got­ten – like gold in the Alps. But the gold bon­nets are still a power­ful sym­bol of the matri­ar­chy of the time, and traces of the gold of the past can be found in unex­pec­ted pla­ces.

Artists: Lau­ri­en Bach­mann / Sebas­ti­an Six, Rein­hold Bid­ner, Sam Bunn, Karin Fissltha­ler, Katha­ri­na Gru­zei, Han­nes Lan­ge­der, Rai­ner Nöbau­er, Eli­sa­beth Peter­lik, Jakob Diet­rich / Tho­mas Phil­ipp / And­re Zogho­ly (qujOchÖ), Clau­dia Seig­mann, Oona Vala­rie Ser­best, Bet­ty Wim­mer.

qujOchÖ’s “Brick­lebrit” is a para­ble about the hum­ming pro­mo­ti­on of art and cul­tu­re in see­min­gly thrif­ty, but somehow magi­cal­ly generous times:

The second son had come to a mil­ler and appren­ti­ced to him. When he had his years around, the mas­ter said: “Becau­se you have held yours­elf so well, I give you a don­key of a spe­cial kind, he doe­s­n’t pull the cart and doe­s­n’t car­ry bags eit­her”. – The young jour­ney­man asked, “What is its use? “He spits gold,” replied the mil­ler, “if you put him on a cloth and say: Brick­lebrit! so the good ani­mal spits out pie­ces of gold for you, back and front. – This is a beau­ti­ful thing,” said the jour­ney­man, thank­ed the mas­ter and went into the world. If he nee­ded gold, he only had to say “Brick­lebrit” to his don­key, it rai­ned gold pie­ces, and he had no more trou­ble than to pick them up from the earth. Whe­re he went, the best was good enough for him, and the more expen­si­ve the bet­ter, for he always had a full bag.

Pho­tos: qujOchÖ