Ra]va[ge (AUT) /// 
Nero’s Day at Dis­ney­land (USA) ///

Thu, April 21 2009, 21:30 /// 
ÖH Café Doka­pi, Art Uni­ver­si­ty Linz ///

Aphex Twin? Out of date. Vene­ti­an Sna­res? Too slow. Autech­re? Not enough fiddling freak out. On our search for a sound which starts front left in the brain and moves right back wit­hin a nano second to implo­de from the­re direct­ly into the Hypo­tha­la­mus we made a strike. NERO’S DAY AT DISNEYLAND from Oakland/California takes a short stop in Linz on his Euro­pean tour bet­ween Ber­lin and Lon­don and gives us the honor with a mix of barock rave syn­ths, over­dri­ven and ner­vous cra­cked break­core punk drums and cra­zy gab­ba cem­ba­lo sound: “At this rate, Nero’s Day at Dis­ney­land mana­ges to jam more ide­as into a sin­gle song than vir­tual­ly any beat-ori­en­ted group I could com­pa­re him to, and that inclu­des Vene­ti­an Sna­res.” (Hea­vy­vi­bes 2007) That’s the shit of the future! Belie­ve us!

And the local hero RA]VA[GE will pre­sent a rave-break-grind-core lap­top DJ-set at its best.

Dis­co­gra­phy Nero’s Day at Dis­ney­land:
• 2008 Trick­le-Down Eco­no­mi­xxx (mix/cockrockdisco)
• 2008 colo­nists (emr)
• 2007 rolex nike air low low inte­rest as part of the fruit will rot 9 cd set (death­bomb arc)
• 2007 grie­van­ces and dead malls (bnk­crsh)
• 2006 atten­ti­on shop­pers (audio savant)

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(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)