Actually this is the Beginning of the Movie

Thomas Maier (AUT) /// 
Mag­nus Hofmüller (AUT) ///

Thu, May 19 2005, 20:00 /// 
quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz ///

Screen­ing and lec­ture. Sim­ple title dis­play, com­plet­ed short film, intro­duc­tion into the action, graph­ic exper­i­men­ta­tion or com­ic movie – all this can be bias. The attempt to cap­ture the wide range of for­mats and gen­res, already fails because of the count­less works of Saul Bass – one of the most famous pro­po­nents in the field “title design”. Nev­er­the­less, that evening it was attempt­ed to lines and lines and shapes of indi­vid­ual lan­guages ​​and gen­res to inter­pret this. Block­buster, less-known gems and exper­i­men­tal pieces, for exam­ple: The Gen­er­al, North by North­west, Fight Club, Bonan­za, Star Wars, Pier­rot le fou, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Pink Panther.

(Pho­to: qujOchÖ)