Actually this is the Beginning of the Movie: Medien Kultur Haus Wels

Tho­mas Mai­er (AUT) /// 
Magnus Hof­mül­ler (AUT) ///

Tue, Janu­a­ry 24 2006, 20:00 /// 
Medi­en Kul­tur Haus Wels, Poll­hei­mer­stra­ße, Wels ///

Scree­ning and lec­tu­re. Simp­le tit­le dis­play, com­ple­ted short film, intro­duc­tion into the action, gra­phic expe­ri­men­ta­ti­on or comic movie – all this can be bias. The attempt to cap­tu­re the wide ran­ge of for­mats and gen­res, alrea­dy fails becau­se of the count­less works of Saul Bass – one of the most famous pro­pon­ents in the field “tit­le design”. Nevertheless, that evening it was attemp­ted to lines and lines and shapes of indi­vi­du­al lan­guages ​​and gen­res to inter­pret this. Block­bus­ter, less-known gems and expe­ri­men­tal pie­ces, for examp­le: The Gene­ral, North by Nor­thwest, Fight Club, Bonan­za, Star Wars, Pier­rot le fou, The Tho­mas Crown Affair, The Pink Pan­ther.