4th WurstVomHundBall

Sat, Febru­a­ry 2 2019, 8 p.m. /// 
Stadt­werk­statt, Kir­chen­gas­se 4, Linz ///

Mynth (AT)
Far­ce (AT)
Dalia Ahmed (AT)
Anda­ka (AT)

Cham­pa­gne recep­ti­on
Mid­ni­ght sta­ge show
Men’s, trans and women’s dona­ti­ons
Sau­sa­ge para­di­se
Cock­tail bar
Ice dis­co
Art & Glit­ter with Schlot, qujOchÖ, Johan­nes Stei­nin­ger, Isa­bel­la Auer, Cle­mens Stöt­tin­ger, Cla­ra Boe­sl et al.

Aus­tria is cur­r­ent­ly being rebuilt. From a new government that oppres­ses indi­vi­du­al groups in socie­ty to enforce its neo­li­be­ral poli­cy of redis­tri­bu­ti­on. We are all losers – espe­ci­al­ly refu­gees, poor or unem­ploy­ed peop­le, but also women’s pro­jec­ts and workers’ rights have been cut.

At the Wurst­vom­Hund­Ball, we are sen­ding a signal of joie de viv­re against the soci­al indif­fe­rence in the coun­try. We are not afraid of diver­si­ty. We are not afraid of equa­li­ty. And we are not afraid of the right-wing-move­ment its­elf. We want a plu­ra­listic, modern socie­ty, we are against iso­la­ti­on and hat­red, we stand up for inclu­si­on. We want a poli­cy with atti­tu­de, not a poli­cy of exclu­si­on, agi­ta­ti­on and per­f­idy.

That is what we stand for, that is what we cele­bra­te. And we also take decisi­ve action: As in pre­vious years, the net pro­ceeds of the Wurst­vom­Hund­Ball will be dona­ted to the Linz based NGOSOS Men­schen­rech­te” for their work in the care of refu­gees.

On the same evening, a demons­tra­ti­on will be held in Linz against the Bur­schen­bund­ball which is a sym­bol of right-wing and sexist poli­tics. In order to ensu­re that the dres­sing up will pay off, we walk the streets tog­e­ther in the BEAUTIFUL BLOCK to show our atti­tu­de befo­re atten­ding the Wurst­vom­Hund­Ball.

Tickets: https://backlab.kupfticket.at/events/4‑wurstvomhundball

Face­book-Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/557489771274623

Pho­tos: Jür­gen Grün­wald