Fashion is overrated says Iris


Thu, Sep­tem­ber 10 2020, 20:00 ///
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

Alob­he is a musi­ci­an resi­ding in Ber­lin. Her future club music com­bi­nes ele­ments of elec­tro, black metal, dark ambi­ent, and tech­no, com­bi­ning tho­se gen­res into forebo­ding sonic ass­aults with an under­ly­ing impul­se towards the indus­tri­al dance floor.

Recent relea­ses inclu­de her debut EP “Sta­te Space” on Toba­go Tracks in 2017, fol­lo­wed by a track tog­e­ther with Aco­lytes for the “Ner­vous Sys­tem” com­pi­la­ti­on on Ali­en Jams. In the last mon­ths she has per­for­med at Acud in Ber­lin, Intru­der Alert in War­saw, Cafe Oto in Lon­don, Berg­hain in Ber­lin, CTM Fes­ti­val in Ber­lin, Sonic Acts Fes­ti­val in Ams­ter­dam, Cree­py Tee­pee Fes­ti­val in Kut­ná Hora, Fuchs­bau Fes­ti­val in Lehr­te and at a lot of other good clubs and fes­ti­vals all over Euro­pe.