Food for Animals

Food for Ani­mals (US) /// 

Mo, 12. Juni 2006, 20:00 Uhr /// 
quitch, Unte­re Donau­län­de 10, Linz ///

If the screams I let out at the Fox News Chan­nel were run through Autechre’s stu­dio appa­ra­tus, I might get a sound that comes clo­se to the mes­sy inten­si­ty of Sca­ven­gers, an impres­si­ve first outing by D.C. hip-hop duo Food For Ani­mals. From the bel­ly of the nation’s poli­ti­cal beast, pro­du­cer Ricky Rab­bit chops up abra­si­ve beats over and over for emcee Vul­tu­re Vol­taire to lay down his agi­ta­ted flow, which is no doubt influ­en­ced by the district’s legen­da­ry hard­core sce­ne.“ (Ron Albanese)

Kra­chen­der ver­track­ter Pop-Noi­se, böse abs­trak­te Bäs­se und pikan­te poli­ti­sche Tex­te. Food for Ani­mals hat das Poten­ti­al, die nächs­te wirk­lich gros­se Indie-Hip-Hop-Sen­sa­ti­on und viel­leicht auch die ers­te gro­ße Noi­se-Hop-Schei­be unter die Mensch­heit zu brin­gen. Respekt! Von qujOchÖ, in da quitch, am Arsch der Welt. Kee­ping it real, Sucka. CU.



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