Strong sites & fantastic places: 1st Linz art and culture card game

Presentation: Sat, November 5th 2005, 20:00
quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz

The art and culture collective qujOchÖ creates with STRONG SITES & FANTASTIC PLACES a tailor-made game to play Quartett for the art and cultural institutions of Linz. The categories to be the victor of this enteraining game with values are e.g. mentions in the cultural development plan and the application paper for the European Capital of Culture 2009, management style or establishment year. Museums of Linz compete against experimental art initiatives, large festivals against small music and cultural centers and media initiatives against event centers. It comes to the crunch: Brucknerhaus versus, the Krone-Hit-Fest versus KAPU, qujOchÖ versus Lentos, Social Impact versus Pflasterspektakel in Linz. Tricky but with brain and luck one triumphs over his_her rival.

On 5th of November 2005 qujOchÖ invites to a presentation ride in the bright yellow Linz City Express. Almost all of the 32 cultural sites which are represented in the game are passed by. After this High-Speed-Cultur-Tour, a Quartett-battle takes place in quitch to determine the supreme gambler of the art and culture scene of Linz.

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(Photos: qujOchÖ)

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