Speak Dating

Mon, May 13th 2013 – Sun, June 23th 2013
In the streets of Linz

Linz is diverse. Far more than 100 languages are spoken here. The intercultural project SPEAK DATING, initiated by migrare and qujOchÖ, wants to make this multilingualism visible. Therefore a special form of a literary treasure quest will happen in the streets of Linz between May 13th and June 23th.

On those days the value of multilingualism in Linz can be discovered with the help of a literary treasure quest. The Upper Austrian author and script-writer Thomas Baum (Tatort, Die Rosenheim-Cops, Der Winzerkönig) serves for the necessary tension. A story written by him is composed of different languages: Turkish, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Albanian, Romanian, Russian, Dari and Ibo. Only with the help of so called SPEAD DATES it can be decoded. These SPEAK DATES take place at different places of multilingualism in Linz like club centres of migrant initiatives or reading rooms of educational institutions. After translation the story can be continued as desired by the participants. How the story ends is decided by yourself.

The following associations open their doors between May 13th and June 23th for SPEAK DATES:

• migrare – Zentrum für MigrantInnen OÖ
• Arcobaleno – Verein der Begegnung
• Verein DIDF
• ZZI – Zentrum der zeitgemäßen Initiativen
• Verein der Bosniaken “NUR”
• Verein Nikola Tesla
• Verein der Bürger von Bosnien & Herzegowina
• Black Community
• SOS-Menschenrechte Österreich
• Verein ADA – Alternative Solidarität
• ibuk – Verein für interkulturelle Begegnung und Kulturvermittlung
• BFI Kompetenzwerkstatt
• Volkshilfe Flüchtlings- und MigrantInnenbetreuung
• Caritas Flüchtlingshilfe
• WIFI Sprachenzentrum
• ÖGB Linz
• ATIB Linz
• Wissensturm Linz

SPEAK DATING is initiated by migrare – Zentrum für MigrantInnen OÖ and the Linz based art collective qujOchÖ. It is supported by the province of Upper Austria, the Migration and Integration Comittee of the City of Linz and the City of Linz itself.

Participation documents at
www.migrare.at/cms1/index.php/projektangebote/integrationsfoerdernde-projekte#speak, by E-Mail to lisa.filzmoser@migration.at or by phone at 0732-667363-37.

(Photos: qujOchÖ)