SonicWords – A collection for female super heroes


Presentation: Mon, October 15th 2007, 19:00
Display window exhibition: Fri, October 16th – Fri, October 30th 2007
quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz

“Here they are back again, those heroes who fascinated me ever since i was a kid. They can fly, throw cars kilometres away, turn themselves into creatures of flames or ice or become invisible … super heroes inhabit our world again and thereby our minds!” (Judith Maule, SonicWords)

On October 15th 2007 the artist and fashion designer Judith Maule presents her diploma collection ”SonicWords”. The collection consists of eight female super hero suits based on classical costumes from the 1940s to the 1960s. For the fashion maker the everyday wearability of the designed pieces is important in particular – without abandoning the formal standards of female super hero costumes. Onomatopoeic words like ”Ka-chuck”, “Boom” or “Aieee”, so called SonicWords, extend the individual models in form of embroideries – they function as eponyms of the collection and the eight different designs.

In addition to the collection a comic has been created in which the photographed models and drawings have been implemented in the form of collages. The comic is shown on a homepage with text materials and detail views of the costumes. The diploma presentation of the collection takes place on October 15th 2007 at the quitch. On the one hand the individual models will be shown, on the other hand a medial presentation of the homepage and the clothing takes place. The evening will be accompanied musically by DJ Revolver Dog.

In the display window of the quitch pictures of the collection and individual pieces will be shown for the following two weeks.


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(Photos: Andreas Kurz/Hannah Maule)