q_papier edition orange

Texts in a landscape format

June 2003

q_papier is a little machine, a rhizome-paper. It deals with the current general subject in text form and is written by the qujOchÖ-ists, by the qujOchÖ-collective. As a collective is not only one person than a sum of its parts and each of the qujOchÖ-ists is more, it is already a very, very large amount. Plateau-construction is made possible, even more: a map, an in-between, it is an uprising rhizome on paper with printed trains of thoughts.

It is allowed to collect vs. throw away the q_papier, to punch vs. staple it, to read vs. not read it, to use it as toilet paper vs. toilet literature (also possible: first toilet literature then toilet paper, not recommended is the other way round), to use it subversive to get someone thinking and to use the q_papier for joining the constructing/deconstructing/reconstructing in a subversive way.

q_papier Edition Orange includes texts from subcommandante breton, ego, urs jaeggi and guade loizl.

(Photos: qujOchÖ)