MYTHOS VON THEUTH is a playful and performative transformation of an intensive examination of cultural and media theories from the last centuries. The starting point is Plato’s critic on written words from the Phaedrus which can be considered as one of the first media-theoretical reflections.

In the dialogues between Socrates and Phaedrus Plato introduces a myth which deals with the creation of the scripture by the Egyptian god Theuth and points to the weakness of “dead knowledge” passed on by scripture. With this interdisciplinary project on the interfaces of art, science and play qujOchÖ developes a ludological reflection on theories from Plato to Nietzsche to Marshall McLuhan, Laura Mulvey, Paul Virilio and Sherry Turkle.

Theuth incidentally, was not only the god of letters, numbers and calculation, measurement and astronomy, but also of board and dice games. With MYTHOS VON THEUTH qujOchÖ consequently develops a game that breaks the narrow limits of a board and uses outward “media channels” for playing. In other words: MYTHOS VON THEUTH is a special form of a board game which is multiple extended through the use of numerous other media such as newspapers, cameras, smart phones, letters, massages or booze.

The game includes ten different stations and numerous easter eggs that are associated with certain media theories and media theorists. The designing focusses on simple reproducibility as MYTHOS VON THEUTH is made freely available in the sense of an open approach (actually on request as Adobe Indesign and pdf files via Dropbox, soon via direct download on this website).

Station Cyber Quanta Over-Lower-Drive
Station Do Cyborgs dream of Domination?

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