Marching Order Experiment 1


Mon, August 9th 2004, from 17:00
Blumauer Platz, Linz

Opening ceremony of the quitch

An extra ordinary march for qujOchÖ: opening of the new impulse centre for experimental art and culture

It’s done! qujOchÖ opens its new place at the Untere Donaulände on 9th of August 2009 with a bombastic spectacle, a small freak revolution, a hyper-rhizomorph superclash. The EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND was engaged for this occasion, a formation from San Francisco doing a special kind of parade with a bunch of people. Starting from Blumauer Platz the whole demonstration march is moving along the Landstraße. Linz has not seen this before! The EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND is becoming bigger and bigger during this magical procession, is doing some circuits on the main square, passing the Art museum Lentos and finally arriving at the new accommodation of qujOchÖ, followed by a wobbling, ass-shaking, stamping and yelling crowd.

The EXTRA ACTION MACHRING BAND is dressed like a typical American marching band, with fitting uniforms, feathered hats, buzz-drums, trumpets, flag-girls and a sousaphone. But, as the name suggests: this marching band has its peculiarities: a scantily clad flag team that rubs and pushes in of step, a pacemaker with megaphone, commenting roughly the procession, a RonaldMcDonald sausage trumpet and a pronounced tendency just to go where one actually should not go. Simon Cheffins, founder of EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND, says “It’s about movement, excitement and intensity, it’s about getting people to let go. Our shows used to be extremely confrontational, but we’re now more interested in playing around with the context of the marching band.” (The Wire, “Soul Desert”, 11/2003). To explains the music: EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND is like FANFARE CIOCARLA, mixed with soundtrack and style in between „ I know what you did lastsummer …“ and „From Dusk Till Dawn“ and 9 times MELDTED MEN with a splash of COSTES. We expect a complete ad-absurdum of conventional marching parades, an antipode to the Pflasterspektakel of Linz, or as it is written in the San Francisco Bay Guardian: “Watching the members of the Extra Action Marching Band jam is sort of like going to your high school’s football half-time show on acid, except it’s more acidic.” (SF Bay Guardian’s Best of Bay, Reader’s Poll: Best Rock Band, 7. März 2003).

Guests are welcome at any time in the new accommodation of qujOchÖ and allied artists at the Untere Donaulände 10!

(Photos: qujOchÖ)

(Camera/Editing: Lois Gutauer)

(Camera/Editing: Lois Gutauer)