Hybrid Transmission: Festival Ars Electronica 2005


Tue, September 6th 2005, 19:00
Flussgassentunnel Urfahr, Linz

The qujOchÖ artists’ collective, based in Linz, offers a hybrid configuration on three plateaus round about the Ars Electronica Center. Six live performanecs dovetail with an architectural intervention, visualizations and a sound installation by qujOchÖ.

19:00 TJGG (AT)
Soundscapes in manic bodymusic style generate a wild mixture of ambient environmental stylings and pure noise.

19:30 Andre Zogholy (AT)
Finally, your search for the deepest, most pimped-out, blockbuster bass sound is over! Presenting: the V8 boombox.

20:00 I:GOR (PL)
I:GOR aka Igor Wylkonski is solidly entrenched in the starting lineup of the Kielce Terror Squad and a producer of experimental hard-, break- and speedcore to suit even the most discriminating tastes.

21:00 Doormouse (US)
Jazz, noise, country, breakcore, jungle and trash – Doormouse mixes in anything he manages to get his little hands on. No sounds are safe from this orgy of samples and twisted beats.

22:00 Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer (US)
Get ready for a real roller-coaster ride through ’70s Disco and Stadium Rock: torso-cascades of prog-, hard-, soft-, punk- and blues-rock gush sounds and samples that rain down around your ears. Shamelessly Exciting Party!

23:00 dev/null (US)
Symphonic set decor meets hyper-synaptic electronic cuts that have been overlaid and nested so many times everyone involved has lost count.Weird breakspeedcore from Boston.

supported by M-Audio,Wohntex

Artists present their installations in the Ars Electronica Center and perform.

(Photos: qujOchÖ)

(Camera: Taife Akca, Editing: Ingo Randolf)

(Camera: Taife Akca, Editing: Ingo Randolf)