Homeland battle: Upper Austria challenges Carinthia – Carinthia challenges Upper Austria

Correspondence with and funding application for the Office of the Carinthian government, the initiative “Kind und Volkskultur” (child and folklore), Austrian Federal Chancellery II/6 “Bilateral and multilateral cultural foreign affairs” and Jörg Haider as the president of the Carinthian Heimatwerk

March 2003

We, such a young, innovative and dynamic culture club from the north of our beautiful native country Austria, were very excited about the initiative in Carinthia about the subject “child and popular culture”. Well, the apple never falls far from the tree and only the early bird catches the worm! Our topic of the year is “birds of a feather flock together”. That’s why we were immediately thinking about a cooperation, from initiative to initiative.

Well, the Upper Austrians are more allied with their native counry than Carinthians – the best proof is the Upper Austrian hymn which contains in his title “Hoamatland, Hoamatland!” (“Homeland, homeland!”) two times more the word “home” and even in dialect than the Carinthian hymn “Des Kärntners Heimatlied” (“The song about the homeland of the Carinthian”). And already the first three verses contains the word “home” five times, however in the Carinthian one it takes five verses for that. That’s why we, the Upper Austrians, want to meet the Carinthians somewhere in the middle, maybe in Styria, to challenge them to a battle to show them our folklorist powers. It is up to everybody to choose their weapons, only condition: they have to confirm to the tradition of the country. That means that we, Upper Austrians, have to conquer the battlefield e.g. with flails . The Carinthians could maybe use their populism cudgels. Children are invited to fight, of course, these are indeed the reasons.

If the Carinthians are not able to mobilize their folk, they can also send their head of provincial government against our omnipresent head of provincial government, even ours is not so pretty than their. We suggest for the games that both should try as tricky as possible to blame the other one for the failures by the government of Austria during the last years. As long as one of them will burst into thousand pieces because of needling like hell.

(Photos: qujOchÖ)