Headless Chicken Voodoo


Sat, May 1th 2010, 21:00
quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz

Melted Men! The mad performance group from the USA, the Netherlands and France casts its tentacle arms again. Melted Men truly are the gods among the performance groups worldwide. Whilst they spin around on stilts in rabbit costumes and with 40 cigarettes in their mouth, teach the audience arbitrary hopscotch rituals with bamboo sticks and eat the hands, ears and noses of funny looking voodoo puppets made out of carrots, they tell stories about Francois Mitterand who sits in a German pineapple and earned a plumber diploma for some reason to build a pipeline between Bremen and Florida. All of the above, combined with musical ingredients like minimal drums, crazy squeak-electronic, groaning, moaning and quacking, car horns or jingles leaves the audience every single concert pending between mental breakdowns and enthusiastic orgasms.

Once in an interview Melted Men gave the following answer on the question how their music is created: “Take a polaroid of Melted Men and slice it quickly to expose the chemicals. Than cover the streets with cloths and put the chemicals on the hoofs of a goat. Let this goat run wherever it wants and burn the cloths afterwards. Take the ash and put it back into the polaroid. At least you take a picture of anything. That’s how things develop.”

With their brand new 12″ vinyl LP “Teeth and Gums” (Pink Vinyl Records) on tour in Europe in May!


(Photos: Jakob Dietrich)

(Video: qujOchÖ)