Fallen Heroes

Preliminary project in the context of Linz09

Siegfried, Kriemhild, Gunther, Brunhild. From 1941 to 1945, two of these heroes of the Nibelungenlied epic stood on the Nibelungenbrücke bridge in Linz. The figures in this colossal equestrian statue were created by sculptor Bernhard Graf Plettenberg.

Fallen Heroes provides a critical confrontation with the significance of monuments from the National Socialist era. Four of the Nibelung riders have been brought back to life for this project – only to leave them at last to their pre-determined destiny afterwards.

Concept: Thomas Philipp, Doris Prlic
Technical realization: Dietrich Killer
Conctent-related support: University of Art Linz, Archives of the City of Linz, Institute of Social and Societal Policy at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz

(Photos: Christine Pilsl/qujOchÖ)