Triviale LINZ 3.12

Opening tour with Daniela Wageneder-Stelzhammer (AUT)

Thu, December 5th 2013, 19:00
bb15, Baumbachstraße 15, Linz

bb15 | Baumbachstraße 15 | 19:00 to 19:30
qujOchÖ | Untere Donaulände 10 | 19:45 to 20:30
nomadenetappe | Untere Donaulände 12 | 19:45 to 20:30
IFEK | Obere Donaulände 11 | 20:45

Duration of the exhibition: December 5th – 12th 2013

Due to the overwhelming success of the Triviales 1.0, 1.11, 2.4, and 3.5 as an exhibition format, which has been new established in Austria, the cross-institutional nexus of bb15, IFEK – Institute for Expanded Art, nomadenetappe and qujOchÖ brings with the Triviale 3.12 a further representative section of the modern art scene and thereby strengthens the position of Linz as the centre of Austrian contemporary art.

It’s all about big and flashy. The gentrification engine and tourism factor Triviale regards itself as a conscious antipode, as a direct rival to major events like the documenta and the Venice Biennale, which – to be honest – are becoming increasingly similar illusionary giants. The closer you get, the more the expectation shrinks. But not the Triviale, which does not play on the forefront of the debate but treats and dictates it.

Come, watch and be amazed!

bb15: “Lachen, wenn es sein muss, bitte nur mit Tränen” (Laugh, if necessary, but please with tears only)
Jakub Vrba
Reenactment, 2013, HD video 2:30 min
Vienna, 21st century, 2013, HD video 1:40 min

qujOchÖ: “press Q for random”
…you’ll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Tamaquotchi…
…no-one does chicken like Tamaquotchi…
…plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a Tamaquotchi it is!…

nomadenetappe: “Grünes Licht für die Zukunft” (Green Light for the Future)
Just fill in the fields below – we will take care of the rest.

IFEK: “Höllenrausch 6.6.6 – Die Kunst im Eimer” (Höllenrausch 6.6.6 – Art in the Bucket)
Expanded, altered, new! The most successful cultural mediation project of the last years is being continued: With “Höllenrausch 6.6.6 – Art in the Bucket” the Institute for Expanded Art sets new highlights and perspectives under its roof in Linz once again.

Infos and photos: