The Swamp Thing: Screenings in the Swamp

Wed, June 5th 2013: Sein oder Nichtsein (USA 1942)
Thu, July 4th 2013: Tokyo Gore Police (Japan 2008)
Thu, July 11th 2013: L S D (USA 1968, 22 min), Marihuana – Hasch (USA 1970, 20 min), Vom Mädchen zur Frau (USA 1992, 22 min), Vom Jungen zum Mann (USA 1992, 20 min)
Thu, July 18th 2013: Wenn Katelbach kommt (Cul-de-sac) (UK 1966)
Thu, August 1st 2013: Die Weibchen (France/Italy/Germany 1970)
Thu, August 8th 2013: Foxfur (USA 2012)
Thu, August 15th 2013: Welt am Draht (Germany 1973)
Thu, August 22nd 2013: Dobuschido (Austria 2009)
Thu, August 29th 2013: Cecil B. DeMented (USA 2000)
quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz

qujOchÖ starts with a weekly screening series into the midsummer. After the prequel “Sein oder Nichtsein” by Ernst Lubitsch of 1942 every Thursday gems of the cinema can be dived within the ambience of the cosy courtyard, accompanied by the Swamp Thing and with free admission. Beer and popcorn are there.

(Photos: qujOchÖ)