Summerhit Research Lab: Pflasterspektakel 2013

Fri, July 18th and Sat, July 19th 2013, from 14:00
Tum­mel­platz, Linz

The qujOchÖ-collec­tive makes a stop at the Pflas­ter­spek­ta­kel 2013 with the Sum­mer­hit Rese­arch Lab. With an anthro­po­li­cal, phe­no­me­nal and at the same time po-struc­tu­ra­list exami­na­ti­on on phe­no­me­nons regar­ding sum­mer hits cer­tain ques­ti­ons will be inves­ti­ga­ted: What is a sum­mer hit and what defi­nes it? Are the­re essen­ti­al sty­listic ele­ments in the songs and in the accom­pany­ing music vide­os? The­se and many more ques­ti­ons will be dis­cus­sed tog­e­ther with fes­ti­val visi­tors in this inves­ti­ga­ti­ve sta­ge of the rese­arch lab. To find out the mys­te­ries of sum­mer hits the mot­to app­lies: Pitschi-pitschi-pat­schi, Beach-beach-par­ty!

(Pho­tos: qujOchÖ)