With this work qujOchÖ devotes itself to the scandal in the art field. Over a period of several months the toilet of the own studio has been transformed step by step into a SKANDALMASCHINE that functions as a referential firework to 40 art scandals of the last centuries.

Using the simplest means works by Michelangelo, Marcel Duchamp, Carolee Schneemann, Jeff Coons, Tracey Emin or Pussy Riot have been integrated into the SKANDALMASCHINE, sometimes in a quite trashy aesthetics. The used materials include a loo roll, a chocolate easter bunny, a squeaking rubber duck, a burnt 10 pound note, a number of fruit gum frogs, a condom, a pewter figure of Napoleon, packaged urine, real splinters of a meteor, wrong diamonds, shaved pubic hair and a double dildo with suction cup.

SKANDALMASCHINE will be shown as a complete work for the first time within the great exhibition of art scandals “SKANDAL NORMAL?” at OK Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich from Dezember 2016 to April 2017. The exhibition offers an unveiled look at the sensual effect of controversial art works – and dissects reasons for ­outrage as a mirror of a society in between voyeurism, beer-drinking blather, and digitalization. Apart from SKANDALMASCHINE the exhibition includes works by Paolo Cirio, Marco Evaristti, Valie Export, Wolfgang Flatz, Gelitin, G.R.A.M., Guerrilla Girls, Damien Hirst, Martin Kippenberger, Otto Mühl, Hermann Nitsch, ORLAN, Tanja Ostojić, Stelarc, ÜBERMORGEN, Julius von Bismarck or Zentrum für Politische Schönheit.

The 40 works in the SKANDALMASCHINE:

  • SKM #1: Twins [ref. to ‘Still Life With Stem Cells’ by Patricia Piccinini 2002]
  • SKM #2: Paint Bombing Leo [ref. to ‘A History of Sex (Leo’s Fantasy)’ by Andres Serrano 1996]
  • SKM #3: Boing Boom Flatz [ref. to ‘Schuldig/nicht schuldig’ by Wolfang Flatz 2010]
  • SKM #4: Mappletrans [ref. to ‘Man in Polyester Suit’ by Robert Mapplethorpe 1980]
  • SKM #5: Clash of Civilizations [ref. to ‘La Nona Ora’ by Maurizio Cattelan 1999]
  • SKM #6: Enigma [ref. to ‘The Dinner Party’ by Judy Chicago 1974 – 1979]
  • SKM #7: Modellbau für provokative Kunst [ref. to ‘Ausländer raus! Schlingensiefs Container’ by Christoph Schlingensief 2000]
  • SKM #8: Exhibit L. [ref. to ‘Exhibit B.’ by Brett Bailey 2010]
  • SKM #9: Patiente tot [ref. to ‘Philosophie / Jurisprudenz / Medizin’ by Gustav Klimt 1899 – 1907]
  • SKM #10: Kill Google [ref. to ‘Myra’ by Marcus Harvey 1995]
  • SKM #11: Voodoo in a Candy Tank [ref. to ‘Shark’ by David Černý 2005]
  • SKM #12: Ur-Mama [ref. to ‘Mama und Papa’ by Otto Mühl 1964]
  • SKM #13: Kendog [ref. to ‘Aus der Mappe der Hundigkeit’ by Valie Export / Peter Weibel 1968]
  • SKM #14: With Love from Kaarina [ref. to ‘Tom of Finland Stamps (untitled)’ by Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen) 1978 – 1979]
  • SKM #15: Hello Shitstorm [ref. to ‘My Dearest Cat Pinkeltje / Dearest Tinkebell’ by Tinkebell 2009]
  • SKM #16: Shokolad [ref. to ‘Friedenshase mit Zubehör (Einschmelzung der Zarenkrone)’ by Joseph Beuys 1982]
  • SKM #17: I Don’t Care If You Shoot [ref. to ‘Still Live’ by Edward & Nancy Reddin Kienholz 1974]
  • SKM #18: Nail Putin [ref. to ‘Mother of God, drive Putin away (A Punk Prayer)’ by Pussy Riot 2012]
  • SKM #19: It’s Always Hot Upstairs [ref. to ‘Made in Heaven – Ilona on Top (Rosa)’ by Jeff Coons 1991]
  • SKM #20: Playground 2010 [ref. to ‘Petra’ by Marcel Walldorf 2010]
  • SKM #21: Call Me [ref. to ‘Element 6’ by Christoph Büchel 2010]
  • SKM #22: Made in China [ref. to ‘Tattooed Pigs / Art Farm’ by Wim Delvoye 1997]
  • SKM #23: Froschmahl [ref. to ‘Das Gespenst’ by Herbert Achternbusch 1982]
  • SKM #24: Make Putin Great Again [ref. to ‘Man at the Crossroads’ by Diego Rivera 1932 – 1934]
  • SKM #25: Watschenman [ref. to ‘Altenberg Lieder op4 (Skandalkonzert von 1913)’ by Alban Berg 1912 – 1913]
  • SKM #26: Blocher – Hund [ref. to ‘Swiss-Swiss Democracy’ by Thomas Hirschhorn 2004]
  • SKM #27: Poor Copy [ref. to ‘Fountain’ by Marcel Duchamp 1917]
  • SKM #28: Prince Y [ref. to ‘Princess X’ by Brancusi 1915 – 1916]
  • SKM #29: Punk Has Been Dead a Long Time Before [ref. to ‘K Foundation burn a Million Quid’ by K Foundation (Drummond & Cauty) 1995]
  • SKM #30: Scroll on a Roll [ref. to ‘Interior Scroll’ by Carolee Schneemann 1975]
  • SKM #31: Blender in a Situation [ref. to ‘Helena’ by Marco Evaristti 2000]
  • SKM #32: Dead Diamonds [ref. to ‘For the Love of God’ by Damien Hirst 2007]
  • SKM #33: PSED [ref. to ’16/67 20. September’ by Günter Brus 1967]
  • SKM #34: Kill the Artist [ref. to ‘245 m3’ by Santiago Sierra 2006]
  • SKM #35: Chicken on the Run [ref. to ‘How to snatch a Chicken’ by Voina 2010]
  • SKM #36: After-Action-Report [ref. to ‘Das Kakabet’ by gelitin 2007]
  • SKM #37: Enter Courbet [ref. to ‘After Courbet, L´origine du Monde (EU Panties)’ by Tanja Ostojić 2005]
  • SKM #38: Grüße aus dem Schützengraben [ref. to ‘Schützengraben’ by Otto Dix 1921 – 1923]
  • SKM #39: Die Rückführung der Scham [ref. to ‘Il Giudizio Universale (The Last Judgement)’ by Michelangelo 1536 – 1541]
  • SKM #40: A Bed is a Bed is a Bed [ref. to ‘My Bed’ by Tracey Emin 1998]
(Photos: Jakob Dietrich)