QLF Enterprises presents: Summerhit 2014 – Worldpremiere!


QLF (AUTaSpace)
DJVJ Summerhit Potpourrie Machine

Sat, May 17th 2014, 23:00
quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz

QLF is a casted supergroup from outer space, which was established on the basis of a scientific research on summer hits. The abbreviation QLF means many things, among others it stands for “Q Liberation Front” and “Queens of Low Frequency”. The members of the group are not known to the public, only the main protagonist – a robot without name – is in the spotlight. It is idolised by men and women alike, his dance steps are reckless, breakneck, and sexy at the same time. Many myths surround QLF, both in the studio and in live performances it is supposed to be peculiar. Nothing works without dozens of candy-colored deodorants, numerous umbrellas and Lollipops. Apparently all members are addicts of crystalline methaqualone-desomorphine. The first break-through worldwide success of QLF is entitled “Our Life is Interstellar” and will be published in May 2014 generating a gigantic media interest.