PIXELPORNO 0.2 – another short journey through computer*sex*games & science & art: Lecture & Talk III & Exhibition Opening

Fri, March 27th 2015, 18:00
Strafsachengalerie, Brückenkopfgebäude Ost
Hauptplatz 5-6, Linz

Opening hours:

Sat, March 28th – Fri, April 10th 2015, daily from 16:00 to 20:00

Free admission & at least 16 years old!

Lecture & Talk III:
Intimate games: Intentions, potentials and limitations of playable pornography
Sabine Harrer (Indie Bird Game Collective)

Robert F. Nideffer: Tomb Raider I + II Nude Patches *** Molleindustria: Orgasm Simulator & Queer Power *** Heather Kelley: Lapis *** Kyle Machulis: SeXBox *** Gazira Babeli: Come to Heaven *** Pierrick Thébault: Cyporn *** Copenhagen Game Collective: Dark Room Sex Game *** Stephane Shibatsuji-Perrin: Porn Hero *** Georgie Roxby Smith: The Fall Girl *** Pippin Barr: Hot Coffee *** Merritt Kopas: Consensual Torture Simulator *** Elizabeth Simins: Manic Pixel Dream Girl *** Yannick Lambelet: Unicorn Pop Porn *** Lea Schönfelder: Ute *** Emmett Butler & Nina Freeman: how do you Do It

8-Bit-Sounds by The Horny Plumbers

Two women are standing in a darkened room. Gentle Groaning is heard, interrupted by giggling and clapping sounds. Two blue lights are wooshing around. The groaning is getting louder and louder, a climax is approaching.

We are inside the exhibition PIXELPORNO 0.2. The two women have just completed the first round of the “Dark Room Sex Game”. In this game, released in 2008 by the Copenhagen Game Collective, you have to move around two Nintendo Wii remotes in the right rhythm. The better this is done the more harmonic and intense the groaning will get. By completely focussing onto the auditive level the dominance of pornographic images that usually can be seen in computer games with sexual depiction is broken apart. Furthermore the common sensitive action of the two players on their way to the climax produces a nearly erotic atmosphere.

The “Dark Room Sex Game” is just one out of 16 works from the genre of game art that is shown within the exhibition which is compiled by the art collective qujOchÖ from Linz. Already in October 2013 a first exhibition, entitled PIXELPORNO 0.1, was shown at the former doll museum in Linz which focussed on a critical depiction of common sex games like Samantha Fox Strip Poker, Leisure Suit Larry or Lula 3D.

PIXELPORNO 0.2 covers artistic works which deal with the same topic, e. g. one of the earliest teledildonics works, “SeXBoX” by the US-american artist Kyle Machulis (2006), or the adult flash game “Ute” from the young German game designer and artist Lea Schönfelder (2014). The exhibition will be opened with a lecture by Sabine Harrer from the Indie Bird Game Collective on the topic “Intimate games: Intentions, potentials and limitations of playable pornography”.

(Photos: Ulrich Fohler, Miguel Gonzalez-Gonzalez)