Paul is dead: What you ever never wanted to know about Conspiracy Theories

qujOchÖ feat. Dominika Meindl (AT), Karin Ferrari (AT/FR), Georgie Gold (AT), Claus Oberhauser (AT), Johannes Grenzfurthner (AT/US) and Donald Trump (US)

Sat, November 25 2017, 8 pm, Opening with Dominika Meindl, Karin Ferrari & Georgie Gold
Sun, November 26 2017, starting at 4 pm, Screening marathon with Donald Trump
Mon, November 27 2017, starting at 7 pm, Lecture and soirée with Claus Oberhauser & Johannes Grenzfurthner

Location: Former apartment of Mr. Paul Mayrhofer, Boschweg 2a
open non-stop for 66 hours
By bus: line 25 direction Oed or line 27 direction Chemiepark, leave the bus at “Don Bosco” (Franckviertel) and walk 3 minutes towards the voestalpine (watch the signs)

qujOchÖ invites you to a mysterious gathering around 66 conspiracies. In a vacant apartment of a recently deceased propulsion engineer near voestalpine the man’s legacy has been inspected, sorted and prepared.

On Saturday November 25 the aparment will be opened for exactly 66 hours for eager spectators. In the rooms one can find numerous hints to past and actual conspiracies. Is the earth flat? Who really murdered Marilyn Monroe? Was the moon landing just a big hoax? Is the Republic of Austria, in reality, just an enterprise? How harmful are chemtrails? Is Möllemann still alive? Why are there hidden messages on cigarette packages?

On the opening evening president Dominika Meindl will convey an excessive welcoming message to the gathered people. The Austrian artist Karin Ferrari will uncover hidden messages in news programs during a live conference with the news studio in Paris and Georgie Gold pays as “The Golden Asshole” a sentimental DJ-tribute-set to Sir Paul McCartney, who died in 1966.

Following on sunday afternoon a screening marathon on films and documentations about conspiracy theories will start. With pre-Christmas Coca Cola, Jesus Toasts and disinformed beer, served by the presidents of hearts, Donald Trump.

On Monday evening Mag. Mag. Dr. Claus Oberhauser from the University of Innsbruck will take a closer look at different conspiracies from an academic perspective. The evening will be completed with a conspiracist soirée by Johannes Grenzfurthner from the clandestine Viennese group monochrom. The apartment will be closed forever on Tuesday at 2 pm.