Myth of Theuth @ Ars Electronica Festival 2017

Unique public performance of the game
Sun, September 10 2017, 14:00
Workshop Space, Postcity
Test games during the festival from September 7 to 11 on site

When he came to the alphabet, Theuth said: “This art, O king, will make the Egyptians wiser and richer in memory.” This is the myth of the invention of writing according to Plato’s Phaidros, which MYTH OF THEUTH takes as base for a playful examination of media theories.

While walking through ancient Athens, up to seven people gather different media and get in touch with media-philosophical celebrities from the ancient world to the present. Vilém Flusser drives aside the telematic society ad nauseam, Laura Mulvey takes a joyful look at our memory and Marshall McLuhan finally gets his well-deserved message. Smartphones, newspapers, Lego bricks, sleeping masks, stamps and other media are used through twelve unique stations.

At the festival, MYTH OF THEUTH is put on display for the first time in a unique performance with the following four media artists:

  • Anne Niemetz (NZL) is a media artist and designer working in the fields of wearable technology, interactive installation and audio-visual design. She is particularly fascinated by the convergence of art, science, design and technology, and she pursues collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects. Anne holds a Media Arts degree from the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, with a focus in digital media and interactive sound installation, and an MFA in Design|Media Arts from the University of California Los Angeles. Since 2007 she’s been living and working in New Zealand, where she holds the position of Senior Lecturer in the Media Design programme at Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Hsinyu Lin aka Xin Xin (USA) is an artist and educator who studies the modes by which internet shape and get shaped by social, cultural, economic, and political dynamics. She co-founded voidLab, a feminist collective for women, non-binary, gender nonconforming, trans and queer people to express individual identities through arts and technologies.
  • Julian Stadon (AUS) is a mixed reality artist, curator and researcher who recently submitted his PhD thesis at Curtin University of Technology. Stadon’s transdisciplinary research has included time with Interface Cultures Linz, The Sylgrut Centre, Salford University, HITLabNZ, The Australian Centre for Virtual Art; The Fogscreen Centre, The Banff New Media Institute, CIA Studios, Collaborative Research in Art Science and Humanity (CRASH), Ulster University, Technical University Graz (TUG) and Technical University Munich (TUM).
  • Pete Ashton (UK) is an artist, mostly working with cameras and computers, based in Birmingham in the North West of Europe. He is interested how places have echoes, in how the past can bleed through the constructs of the present through memory and forensic exploration; how the most revolutionary things can happen in the most mundane and suburban environments. His work involves group and solo journeys using random and structured routes to draw meaning from and onto the city. Ashton is fascinated with the act of photography, more than photographs themselves.

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