Miss Magnetiq. Episode 2: Miss Mıknatıs = Miss Magneetti

Sat, 27. September 2014

Linz is diverse. People with nearly 150 different nations are living here, significantly more than 100 languages are spoken.

MISS MAGNETIQ uses the connecting powers of magnetism for an intercultural intervention. The magnetic force of attracting unlikely magnetic poles are used to connect origins of language. In a poster series MISS MAGNETIQ is showing, how s_he can be the linking element between two different languages.

And to make up some of the damage which has already been done by MISS MAGNETIQ in Linz (take a look at the first part of the first episode under http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddZGIBdcMZ8), s_he will be performing live at the “Day of Languages” on Saturday, September 27th on the Landstraße in Linz. While her_his companions Nickel, Kobalt and Mangan will mix special cocktails like the Crispy Robin or the red Lakritz and try to learn the magnetic language to the passers-by, MISS MAGNETIQ will appear for an autograph session.

More informations on the “Day of Languages” under http://www.linz.at/soziales/75377.asp

(Photos: Michael Wirthig)

Special thanks to supermagnete.at and Integrationsbüro der Stadt Linz