Miss Magnetiq. Episode 1, Part 1: The Steel City as Electromagnetic Field

September 2014

With her magnetic superpowers MISS MAGNETIQ has destroyed half of Linz during her first missions. In a series of YouTube-videos she is seen together with three of her companions, called Nickel, Cobalt and Mangan, as she tries to free the city from harmful vibrations. But than everything went wrong.

In a first reaction MISS MAGNETIQ speaks from a mistake: “I am deeply sorry. I will try to control myself better in future so this won’t happen again. I love Linz but to live within that much steel is really hard for me. How does one say: ‘A sin is the magnet ston’ which brings to us the iron.”

(Video/Editing: Michael Wirthig/qujOchÖ)

Special thanks to supermagnete.at