Miss Magnetiq. Episode 1, Part 3: The Steel City as Electromagnetic Field

February 2015

For some time it seemed that MISS MAGNETIQ, the new superheroine from Linz, had vanished without a trace. Some people say she is still suffering from a fight against a gigantic magnetic monster. But now a third video appeared on YouTube – and again a part of the city is gone. After destroying the local steel plant and the railway bridge this time the town’s landmark, the Grottenbahn at Pöstlingberg, is the scene of the magnetic rescue attempts.

MISS MAGNETIQ feels she has not done anything wrong: “I have tried my best but those exophtalmic dwarfs and rabbits have blown me off-course. Even I am becoming aggro than.”

(Video/Editing: Michael Wirthig/qujOchÖ)

Special thanks to supermagnete.at