Miss Magnetiq. A new superheroine is born …

September 2014

The world needs new heroes. Heroines. Superheroines. Linz too …

Born in Linz she is so manifold and contradictory as a postmodern identity has to be: positiv and negative at the same time, hyperphobic, ironic, animal loving, chaotic, aggro and sensitive, magnetizing and always ready not only to attract things but also to kick them away. A superheroine as torn as the city from which she comes. Pure Trash.

As deconstructivist and poststructuralist, MISS MAGNETQ goes forth with the battle scream “Gender Trouble!” to explore the physical phenomenon of magnetism, theoretically and practically in therefor designed experimental arrangements and in the open orbit.

Do magnetic fields have an influence on cows? Why are the forces of the city guards in Linz so repulsive? How to deal with the esoteric wonders of a free-energy machine? Is it true that the Pöstlingberg is a magnetic hill and a car can go uphill backwards? Why paying attention to the lethal danger of killer-magnets? Is it possible to realize the dream of floating with a simple copper tube and trusting Lenz’s law? Are magnetiq super-powers enough to fight against oversized magnetic putty monsters?

All these questions, and even more, will be answered by MISS MAGNETIQ. In the course of an artistic experimental series, the experiences of MISS MAGNETQ are going to be radiated into Maxwell’s ether.

(Photos: Michael Wirthig, Sun Li Lian Obwegeser)

Special thanks to supermagnete.at