Mehr Waffen für die Kunst: Mindthrottle 2.0

MINDTHROTTLE 2.0 is an invention of groundbreaking importance. By using the latest technologies it makes it possible to reduce the thinking performance of others to its extreme. In principle, we are dealing here with a further development of a secret service-tool which has been used for decades by Mossad, CIA or KGB.

Its use is described in an impressive way in the 1985 published book “Kein Menschenrecht für Leihkaninchen” (No human right for surrogate rabbits) by Hans Kaufmann ( In this in-house publication Kaufmann tells us his own personal story of a decade-long persecution with a sharp-tongued mind on 268 pages. Thereby paranoid persecution mania is as far away from Kaufmann as the most distant Class-1-star Eta Carinae from Earth. His story is an open paradox with a closed logic never seen before by humans or rabbits.

Kaufmann directly mentions the use of different secret-service tools in his books with which he has been tortured over 20 years of his life. Overall he names 13 plagues, from the deep sleep bar to the ear spat to the electronic ice cold shower. As 12th plague he describes the use of a conventional mindthrottle by secret services: “For the rest of the day I was a ‘blockhead’. I could not finish a single thought and caught myself by looking at something but not knowing what i was looking at. My brain felt paralyzed.”

An interdisciplinary research team around our institute has carried out an intensive research for several years and collected all necessary information and data on the conventional mindthrottle. A few days ago we achieved a breakthrough in our research work. Now we are able to present the first prototype of the MINDTHROTTLE 2.0. With an exciting design this invention combines three different application modes:

  • the “Thinkthinknoway-mode” can be used to defend yourself against an attack with a conventional mindthrottle
  • the “I will make you surrogate rabbit”-mode is used to greatly throttle down the thinking performance of any person within a radius of 20 metres
  • the “My brain is bigger than Google”-mode should lead to the ability to do mental arithmetics in the Googolplex-range in a very short time

With the MINDTHROTTLE 2.0 your sleeping disorders, concentration problems and delusions are all a thing of the past!

(Video/Editing: qujOchÖ)