Cantata dei Popokitzel sonata wie möglich

Klitclique (AT)
Abu Gabi (AT/DE)

Fri, November 3 2017, 20:00
quitch, Untere Donaulände 10, Linz


Rough basses, rough texts, rough vocoders, a constantly programmed system crash: “I am the I-want-to-sell-my-ova-online-at-a-high-price-although-they-have-not-been-in-the-cold-chain-feminism”. This is electrifying, this creates a continuous “Whaaaat?”, this is KLITCLIQUE. When G-udit and $chwanger, sometimes accompanied by Fauna aka G-auna, dedicate themselves to the boundaries between art system (“Your gallerist is your best friend”), feminism (“I am the capitalized I in the middle”) and hip hop (“So good in rap, so bad in bed”) in their self-ironical performances everything heads directly into one direction: Everything is getting crushed! Or not?

As local support ABU GABI will appear on the quitchy stage of qujOchÖ, formerly and actually active in collaborations like Fudkanista or DVRST. We don’t know what will happen here but we trust in Tanja. Rumors have it that it will be dope, punk, deep, mysterious und glamorous at the same time.

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