Atelierhaus Salzamt: Exhibition EXPOrt IMpORT imPULS

Thu, February 28th 2013, 19:00
Atelierhaus Salzamt, Obere Donaulände 15, Linz

For more than one decade, the City of Linz has been stimulating cultural policy with its special culture funding programmes LINZimPULS, LinzEXPort, LinzIMpORT. The exhibition shows a selection of realized projects from 2009 to 2011 and is documented in a catalogue.

The new Cultural Development Plan (KEP) of the City of Linz dedicates particular attention to reinforcing the innovative potential through better (international) networking and interdisciplinary cooperation. The international studio house Atelierhaus Salzamt is a perfect example for these new objectives.

With works by:

• Afo – Schwemmland
• Amel Andessner, Elisa Andessner, Sibylle Ettengruber
• Astrid Esslinger
• Terri Frühling, Wolfgang Fuchs
• Reinhard Gupfinger
• Margit Greinöcker, Tobias Hagleitner
• Dagmar Höss
• IFEK – Grand Petit Galerie
• Clemens Kogler
• Kompott
• Katharina Loidl
• nomadenetappe
• Klaus Taschler