The odd island

A dromological ballet for five tuning cars

Tue, July 12th 2011, 20:15
Round about Muldenstraße, Linz
qujOchÖ goes DÉJÀ VU.

In the context of DÉJÀ-VU, the follow up project of BELLEVUE (Linz09), qujOchÖ presents a performance of exceptional kind. Due to the local and acoustic conditions of the traffic island in the middle of the roundabout an ideal surround setting is offered for the audience. Five massive sound-systems in pimped cars as well as the surrounding sound spender are used. This leads to a complete compression/decompression of space, time, noise and also results in silence. The constant movement of the sound sources add to the special concert situation atmosphere.

(Photos: eSel & qujOchÖ)